Okay, here it is, the dreaded list. It will change as we get more feedback, but it's pretty solid.

The Gatekeeper has full control over who and what is allowed in the gate regardless of the criteria here, so there's no point in calling an emergency parking lot board meeting. Don't argue with whoever is working the gate, it holds up the line and you won't win. Think of the children.

All classics are allowed if they are fully restored and more on that is covered below.

Models designated with a "*" should be discussed with us preferably before the event or if you don't mind a possible rejection, we can have a look-see at the gate. Only premium examples will be allowed to enter. We're just trying to put on the best event possible.

If we missed something on this list let us know. It will be in a constant state of refinement, so if you're unsure, drop us a note.

For the record, as we say all over the place on this site, arguing with us at the event is never a good idea. Even our moms know that. We beat this point to death in our FAQ

Acura: NSX

Alfa Romeo: 4C, 8C, Giulia Quadrifoglio, Select Vintage, No Stelvia Quadrifoglios thanks to a guy named David

Ariel: All

Aston Martin: All

Audi: All RS Models, All R8s (No S model cars)

Bentley: All, Including SUVs

BMW: Alpina Models, 850, I8, Z8, Very select M Models - due to the large number of M cars, we will be selecting only the finest examples and in limited quantity (GTS, CSL, etc), No SUVs (including X5M, etc), Select Vintage

Buick: Select Vintage

Bugatti: All

Cadillac: Select V Series (2009+), XLR (we seriously only get 1, so we let it in because we like that guy), Select Vintage

Chevrolet: Camaro 427, 6th Generation Camaro ZL1 and all 1LE (Not SS-1LE), Corvette Z06/ZR1 (No GS except C7 Carbon 65 and Collectors Watkins Glenn Gray over Blue, yes, we know the difference), Select Vintage

DeLorean: All, past, present, and future

Dodge/Chrysler/SRT: Viper, Hellcat/Demon (limited amount, no Trackhawks, SRT 392s, etc), Select Vintage 

Ferrari: All

Fiat: Vintage Only (no 500 Abarths)

Fisker: All

Ford: Ford GT (NOT Mustang GT), Select Mustang Shelby models*, Select Vintage

Holden: RHD Australian Holden's only, no US Spec re-badged cars such as the Chevrolet SS. 

Honda: Vintage only

Hummer: H1 Civilian Models only - no military H1s. Must be in show condition. No other models. 

Jaguar: Newer XK, F Type, R models, SVO, Select Vintage

Koenigseggeggegegege: All

Lamborghini: All, including SUVs 

Land Rover: Defender 90, Select Vintage (fully restored or historical significance), Show vehicles

Lexus: LC500, LFA, RC F,* GS F*

Lotus: All

Maserati: All (No SUVs)

Maybach: All

Mazda: FD RX7s*, Select Vintage

McLaren: All

Mercedes: Select AMG Models*, Select SL Models*, Mercedes McLaren SLR, G63, 65, and 4x4² series (no normal G series), Select Vintage

Mercury: Select Vintage

Mini: Select Vintage Only

Mitsubishi: JDM Lancer Evolution (RHD only, Non-US market only)

Nissan: GTR, R32-34 GTRs must be in excellent, fully restored condition. No sticker party cars or "roll call" (wraps and race R35s are OK), Select Vintage 

Oldsmobile: Select Vintage

Pagani: All

Pontiac: Select Vintage Only (No Solstice GXPs, F body Firehawks, G8 GXPs, etc) 

Porsche: 911 (limited quantities in excellent condition), 918, Carrera GT, GT Trim models (Cayman GT4, GT3RS, GT2, etc), R Models, Panamera Turbo trims (no non-turbo models), Vintage and rare. No: Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, etc, except R and GT# trims (GT2/3/4, not GTS).  Note: ALL 911s must be in excellent condition due to quantity. The gatekeeper may turn away models that are not show worthy. 

Rolls Royce: All, including SUVs

Saab: Select Vintage

Shelby: Cobras and Replicas, Vintage Ford Mustangs, Etc.

Subaru: JDM STI (RHD only, no US spec cars), Select Vintage

Tesla: Roadster, P/X100+ Only (No 95s, 90s, Model 3s, etc even if you try and block the entrance with your silver one and insist you should be let in)

Toyota: Supra MK4+, Select Vintage

Volvo: Select Vintage (No Polestar models)

VW: Select Vintage and Jason's VW twin busses

Select Vintage, Oddities, Classics, Icons, Replicas, JDM Imports, etc:

What do we mean by select vintage? Think of it this way - a 77 Trans Am is awesome if it’s a replica of the Smokey and the Bandit car, but if it’s barely moving and the paint is faded, then that guy is probably selling meth. Your grandma's Buick Century Wagon probably isn’t going to fit in, but we’d love to have a ‘59 Electra 225 roll up. We hope you understand the spirit of what we're talking about. 

We also include the usual British classics such as MGs, Triumph, etc. We think you get the general idea. If you have doubts, just drop us a note.

Properly done Kit Cars are welcome at Exotics as long as they are complete and show worthy. To narrow it down further, any complete kit by Factory Five or Superformance is more than welcome. A Fiero based Ferrari is not. Email us if you have something different! 

JDM (or other) market only imports must be in show condition and something special. We love seeing the little Kei cars and Autozams just because they are interesting and different, but they also need to be show worthy. Just because a car is RHD doesn't mean it's a fit for Exotics so send us an email in advance if you have questions or the Gatekeeper will make the call.  

All vintage cars must appear fully restored and be well kept. No signage is allowed next to cars nor are display props as seen at some Hot Rod shows. The Gatekeeper always has the final say!


We are big motorcycle fans at E@RTC, but we only allow exceptionally rare motorcycles in since we are a car show. And by rare we mean RARE - Ducati Desmosedici, Honda RC30 and RC213-V, Muzzy Raptor, MV Agusta F4 Senna, select vintage bikes, etc. We mean the rarest of the rare, the best of the best, and no, not your usual chopper no matter how much chrome is on it. Again, we really do like bikes and a lot of us ride, we just want to keep this an Exotics show.


Rare and one-off example vehicles may be let in regardless of make (movie cars, prototypes, specific race cars, Pikes Peak Challenge cars, etc). JDM Only imported cars must be of historical significance; just because a vehicle is RHD does not mean it is a good fit for Exotics - please email us in advance and insert a link to some photos! 


To get ahead of a few common questions we get surprisingly often - no, your rare paint color does not make your car an exotic nor does bolting on a Bushwacker fender flare kit (Or Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, or whatever you want to call it to make yourself feel better) to your normally non-exotic. Anything with "lambo doors" that did not come with them from the factory is automatically a no. No amount of money you have spent on your Scion FRS, Challenger SRT, Chevy SS (which is not a true Holden Commodore for the 100th time because it is LHD), or Mustang Ecoboost will make it an exotic even if they are all really fun cars all of us at Exotics truly enjoy and several of us even own. Please see our FAQ if you have further questions before emailing us.  

If we missed something let us know, but we think you get the idea. If you don't get it by now we'll try and send an interpretive dance video you can watch from your safe space. Email us at