Exotics at Redmond Town Center Is Now The Largest Weekly Gathering Of Exotic Cars In The US



Promote the exotic and rare car culture in the Northwest, all while having fun and good health, lots of laughs, resulting in a very long and virtuous life.


Exotics@RTC is an informal weekly gathering of exotic and very rare cars that draws owner and spectators together for mutual enjoyment of all things car-related. There is no cost. The event is entirely free. You read that right.

E@RTC has grown to become the largest weekly car gathering in the US as far as we know. (We bolded "weekly" because we get so much email asking when we're having our next event...WEEKLY-weekly-WEEKLY!)  The organization at its anchor is made up of roughly two dozen volunteers who do everything they can to make each and every Saturday morning a unique and fun experience.

From the moment you bring your car to display, you’re greeted by someone who can help direct you to the best section to display your car, making it simple and fun for all attendees. Throughout each season, E@RTC hosts special events including unique themes, pre-production and prototype cars, new model unveilings, and occasional sessions with automotive company management.

Our goal is to have a great time each Saturday morning so we don't take ourselves too seriously. This is a place to come with friends and see some amazing cars and just have a lot of laughs and talk cars.

Check this website or our Facebook page “Exotics@RTC” for the latest news and information. We never know what will show up on a weekly basis, whether it will be a Bugatti Veyron, rare Ferrari 250 GTO, Aventador, two La Ferraris together or one of the other fastest production cars in the world (the SSC Ultimate Aero). E@RTC occasionally hosts senior automotive executives, including the CEO and senior management team of Lamborghini, famous automotive designers, and some of the most interesting people this side of the Mississippi. It’s free, family friendly, and outdoors so you get a little exercise to justify that donut.


Hours are 9-11 AM. If you're showing, be sure to get there before 8:30 and even earlier on event days. Show season begins in April and runs through mid-October, weather permitting.

Weather Permitting!

We call it off if the chance of rain is 30% or higher and we post it here as well as on our Facebook page and via other electronic forms. Trust us, we go through a lot to sort out the weather and sometimes they get it wrong.

General Attendance Information

For exotic owners: If you’re wishing to show a car, be sure to come early and show up on the corner of 166th Avenue NE and NE 72nd Way and someone will be there to direct you to the right row.  From there, one of the beloved Parking Thugs will guide you to the perfect spot. It’s that easy!  For spectators, park west of the display lots or in the parking structure and river-dance on over!

Our Story

It started with two guys who wanted to get some exotics to gather in the corner of Redmond Town Center on an early Saturday morning and get out of the house and go have breakfast. Tom thought ten cars would show up, and Vic thought about twice that. We had over 30 show up that first freezing cold, hypothermia-inducing Saturday morning in February 2009 and we've never stopped growing...and we've never fully warmed up.

Tom and Vic are still maintain controlling interest, but regard the event as owned by all the volunteers who put the time into making the event a success. We like to think of it more as community-owned. We couldn’t do it without the help of everyone.

Tom now focuses mostly on the business side and Vic is our brand ambassador. We have a lot of other volunteers who play key roles in our management. Jason manages our volunteers, Sean manages the entrance, Nick manages the day of event, Dan manages the criteria, and Spencer helps out with communications, Andre manages our text message sends, Billy manages radios, and Redmond Town Center pitches in behind the scenes as well. The roughly 24 volunteers are all highly dedicated, who each play an important part in our success.

This is just a corner of our event; hey it kind of looks a little like an assembly line...

We wanted E@RTC to remain something special, a destination for car enthusiasts to come and see the cars that are rarely seen in public, the cars that as kids we had only in poster form, the cars we someday dreamed of owning. This is a chance to meet other owners and enthusiasts who share that same passion and love of rare and exotic cars and can't wait to get out of the house for once.