Welcome to our ninth year! It's so hard to believe we made it this far with no broken bones. We have almost 30 volunteers working on and contributing to this site and E@RTC so you have a reason to poke around and scare yourself a little. We have so much going on to make this 2017 our best ever. We now have a current events page, where you can see what's happening that Saturday in addition to a blog with the latest news!

We guarantee you at least 63% more fun than last year or no money back. We now have a community-driven photos page that has individual photographers who all have control over their own content, making it far more interesting than ever before. Right now, new content is going up almost every day! We will be adding even more pages to make this site itself a great place to poke around and have a little fun without having to do more than move a finger, and poke.

We will put up more interesting links, stuff to see and do, and more about destinations after E@RTC. Everything at E@RTC is FREE! Yup F-R-E-E for those in Fresno. We make it up in volume! Yes, you heard that right, so pick yourself up off the floor! It costs you absolutely nothing other than the cost of the juice to run whatever you're reading this on. So, it's a great deal to come here and hang out, spend some time, see some cars, have a laugh or two, but most of all, have fun!

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