Welcome to our highy informative and slightly educational website! We’re in the planning stages for Season Twelve of E@RTC. We have a lot of behind the scenes volunteers work going on as we think about how to improve our next season.

This website contains a lot of information about what we’re about, our philosophy of putting fun ahead of everything, except safety, and making our mom’s mad. This is a site designed to entertain as much as inform, so even if you’re not interested in our rules, they are still good reading. By the way, did you know that slugs are nature’s gum?

For the latest news and if we’re on or off that Saturday, because of rain, or because one of us somehow got ebola, see our blog. We have our special events up for the season on our events page, not to be confused with the fun we have every Saturday morning. These are the special event days when we turn it up to 11.  Still, for your protection, keep an eye on our blog for the latest news!

We guarantee you at least 72.6% more fun each season or no money back. For your viewing pleasure, we also have a community-driven photos page that has individual photographers who all have control over their own content, making it far more interesting than ever before, no, not that interesting, it’s just cars. Many of them continued to update thier pages all winter long. Once we're in season, they post new photos almost every day.

We will put up more interesting links, stuff to see and do, and more about destinations after E@RTC. Everything at E@RTC is FREE! Yup, F-R-E-E for those in Fresno. We make it up in volume! Yes, you heard that right, so pick yourself up off the floor! It costs you absolutely nothing other than the cost of the juice to run whatever you're reading this on. So, it's a great deal to come here and hang out, spend some time, see some cars, have a laugh or two, but most of all, have fun!

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