The British are coming!!!!

Saturday September 14 is British Car day, one of my personal favorites unless it rains. Then it’s not my favorite anymore. It’s not looking so good a week out, but they don’t usually get it right this far in advance. If they can’t predict a hurricane a few hours out, they definitely can’t tell us the weather at Redmond Town Center next Saturday. They didn’t even get it right today!

I’d love a job where I’d only have to be somewhat right about what I did. Think of the airplanes we could make that only fly about 60% of the time. Or, how about if Excel only got you close to the right answer. It’s as if you asked if two plus two equals four. The National Weather Service would say, well it all depends on what time you ask us and what we had for dinner last night. It’s four, give or take, but we’ll go have some beers and let you know.

You’d think with all the cool gear, they would know more than they do. They always blame the climate models. That’s like someone saying, well, the plane was supposed to fly, but our engineering models don’t always agree. We’re sorry, we’ll come help you fill that hole. Their excuse is that there are too many variables. Haven’t they ever dated a blonde?

British Car Day brings out the most polite people in the car community. These are all the people your mom wanted you to be more like when you were growing up. They are a classy bunch. We get a lot of Aston Martins and McLaren’s. Speaking of Aston Martin, if you’ve not met their Americas President, Laura Schwab, she’s a wonderful human and she thinks deeply about her brand. I like her a lot!

After next week, we only have a few Saturdays left before our season ends. This went fast! Did it seem like that to you? It did me.

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