We're Rained Out... and this could be it.

We’re rained out for Saturday so don’t bother cleaning the car. It was a close call, like the time you almost ordered the sushi at Denny’s. This leave just one or two possible Saturdays to go, then we’re done for the season. We all then run to Costco and stock up on snacks to get us through the winter. Some of you will watch football. Others will go paint something, or take something apart. You have all winter to figure out how to put it back together.

We hope to get in one more E@RTC before we’re done, but if we’re rained out next week, that will be the end of it for the season. We still have volunteer work to get done, even after the last event. We’ll want to dive on our calendar planning as soon as possible or it turns into a big mess.

On another note, I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but in January, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) takes place in Las Vegas and it’s becoming more and more of an automotive thing. Detroit moved their car show to Summer to get out of the shadow of what’s become the biggest tech show in the world and now you will see a lot more automotive innovation than ever before. I’m guessing all things automotive is going to play a huge part of this year’s show given the lack of interference with Detroit. Come to CES and see your real future, rather than the one you thought when saw that special someone at the bar who then later hit you with that unexpected restraining order. Or the one you saw after you banged your head on that rock.

Vic and I, along with a lot of other regulars at E@RTC have been going every year for years. I think Vic’s been going since Edison did the keynote. Some from E@RTC have been in attendance every year since E@RTC started! The standards for registration are low, but the hotel cost can be high, so if you are going, book now or you will be snuggling with something unpleasant.

We hope next week is decent. If we’re on bring Kleenex.