We're on for Saturday and Other Stuff...

We’re on for Saturday! This could be it! The chances of rained out Saturdays are increasing so we may only get this shot some come out and give each other a hug goodbye or something. Just come out!

I’ve written about this topic before, but I can’t help but think about it as the season slowly comes to a close. I recently saw some photos posted on Facebook that showed friends who met at E@RTC together for a wedding. It made me think once again about all the friendships that began at E@RTC and how something as simple as cars gathering in a parking lot has changed the course of so many lives.

I have to admit, prior to starting E@RTC with Vic, I never thought much about community in this sense, of how we’re all better off for having one. I mostly thought about the life I could have had as a world class professional high diver, had I not loved pastries so much, combined with a shortage of deep pools.

Our success with E@RTC is because of all of you and the time you take to participate in such a great thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a participant or spectator, you just showing up, makes it all a success. Your contribution to the community is significant, and you too helped improve other people’s lives. Thank you!

I wanted to start a car gathering because I saw this vibrant car community in Orange County, CA and there was nothing like it in the Seattle area. I kept my LP640 there for about seven months and in that time I met hundreds of car enthusiasts, all at various events, yet I didn’t know anyone in the car community in Seattle and yet it looked like fun.

I was reluctant to bring the car home because I was afraid there would be no real sense of community here and I’d get bored, or a left lane Prius driver would throw a full diaper at the car. Worse, a diaper from some old fat guy who’s mad because, well, he’s in a Prius.

It was’t long after Vic and I started E@RTC, that we realized that we were onto something much bigger than ourselves. People wanted to volunteer and participate and get involved and more than anything, it brought people together who go out of their way to help each other, both personally and professionally. After a while, it became less about the cars, for me and more about the sprit of the event, which is why I write this blog in the direction I do and why we’re so fussy about our mission.

Besides all this, who it is that wakes up in the morning and doesn’t want to have a good laugh? We’ve all woken up to something that more closely resembles a tarantula, but I’m not talking about that mistake we all make in life at one point or another. Since when does somberness make us want to participate in any car event? We wanted to have a good time and that still remains our core focal point in everything we do.

Our best memories of E@RTC aren’t just about the cool cars that showed up, but the laughs we had talking about our life experiences, good and bad and the sense of connection to something we all love. We connected with each other, bonded, and made some now life-long friends who will remain in our lives forever. Okay, unless some of you get drunk some night and end up in a fist fight out in a street.

This sense of community helping each other has been the best reward of them all for all of us who put in the hours to make this all work. That’s the one thing we want to preserve most and it’s our ongoing pledge to you to continue, until we’re kicked out or something, because we didn’t kick someone out of something.

See you Saturday!