It's Definitely Looking like Fall!

I’ll bet you can’t wait to rake! You get to bring out the leaf blower, the one garden tool that reminds you of your ex.

This is the time of year when our job calling it each Saturday gets a lot harder as the weather changes so fast. Right now it’s looking like we will be rained out next week, but like we said, they rarely get it right this far out. Counting this coming Saturday, that leaves just four possible Saturdays remaining in our season and chances are good that at least two of those four will be rained out, so come out while you can!

Oh, then you get to start Christmas shopping and stuff. I’ll bet you can’t wait for that. Redmond Town Center is a good place to shop because they at least have parking. Going to Bel-Square between November 1 and January 15 is complete hell as each driver waits for that spot that’s just one car width closer to the entrance. I’d rather have pink eye. I’ll find stuff at RTC and skip the whole mess. I don’t know about you, but I see someone with pink eye, my mind starts to race.

We’re going to start planning our 2020 calendar a lot sooner than we did this year and we’ll get it posted sooner too. We all get together in a room and start comparing calendars. It’s like a giant game of Fish. It’s kind of fun. We eat cookies. We waited a little too long at the beginning of this season and that kind of hurt us a little as we never got a date for Classics on the books. They had a lot going on and we ran into too many schedule conflicts. We didn’t know it would be so complicated pinning down dates.

Redmond Town Center also has a lot going on these days, so we have to coordinate with their fun-filled events too. Except for the running events. Why can’t they have a fat guy run for cake? A lot more of us would show up. So what if I show up last, I still get cake. Unless there isn’t enough, then someone won’t be happy.

By the way, we had an excellent season of cooperation with people via email. This was the best year yet, where people didn’t argue with us so much about their cars getting in. It made it a lot easier on the volunteers who are just trying to put on a good show. Sean did an outstanding job running the entrance all season. Please give him a huge thanks along with all the other volunteers who do such great things for the community. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

Hope to see you all next week, and we’ll post again on Thursday and let you know if we’re on or not. Start thinking of your excuses now for that first day of fall.