We are On for British Car Day!

Sorry it took us so long to post, but we wanted to make sure we had the best possible forecast for Saturday. We didn’t want to be wrong. Hey, who as a kid didn’t eat a Milk Dud, that wasn’t a Milk Dud? Some of us remember those things for life. So what if we’re a little cautious.

British Car Day one of our very favorite theme days and the last of the theme days for the season. It doesn’t mean we’re over. We still have a few weeks left in our season before we all go home and start thinking about winterizing something. It’s hard to believe that we’re this close to freezing temperatures and black ice surprises. Where did the summer go? I swear they put less summer in the bag every year.

If you own a car, they claimed came from another nation, still come out, for you, it’s business as usual. For those with British cars, you get to park near the center of the mall, but we get so many cars, that they wrap around Redmond Town Center, down the west side street, and into the main parking lot, so don’t be ashamed if your car isn’t British. You should only be ashamed if you think a Yaris is a thing of beauty.

We had a very big turnout two Saturdays ago and it was wonderful to see this late in the season, and we’re expecting the same thing on Saturday, even though we may see some clouds all morning. We’re all comfortable with clouds. That lightning last week was a little sketchy. I had two bolts hit so close to the house, I checked for damage the next morning. I was expecting to find some dude with his fly welded shut walking in circles. Luckily there was no report of anyone getting a surprise roasting.

I do see a lot of rain in the forecast beyond Saturday, so we won’t even know when our season will end. We’ve had seasons were we see nothing but rain in the forecast and just call it. Hopefully we will know when it’s our final Saturday so we can all say our proper goodbyes.

Meanwhile, we see you all Saturday and we look forward to it!