A Few Worthwhile Things...

America’s Car Museum has their upcoming Wheels and Heels Annual Gala coming up on September 7 and we’d love to put together a table of E@RTC participants & spectators. Tickets for non-members are $275.00 and tickets for museum members are $250. If you’re interested in going and joining us at a table, please write us via our contact page. There are eight places per table and we can get more tables if you like. Write us if you’re interested. You can expect lots of laughs.

Well, it looks like even if we had E@RTC it would have rained this weekend anyway. A group of our volunteers are heading down to Monterey on Saturday, and another group is going to start the drive on Sunday. It’s always been a fun drive and I’m looking forward to it this year.

After the 24th, we have about eight more possible weeks of E@RTC, but the weather starts to turn on us so realistically, we have fewer than eight to go so when we resume on the 24th come out! Meet everyone, have some fun before you go hibernate all winter. Let us see you before you fatten up.