We're Off Until August 24!

As you read from our prior blog post, we’re off until August 24. Look at it this way, we get rained on and we’re forced into taking time off, sometimes weeks in a row and we all live through it. Just pretend it’s raining. It will be somewhere. Better yet, drag your butt down to Monterey for the week and have some fun! Bring a tent! Rooms are hard to get so pile four of your best friends in a room if it’s too expensive and you’re in to that kind of thing. Four fat guys snuggling like a package of hotdog buns.

We had an excellent turnout yesterday with lots of visitors from out of town who have heard of E@RTC before. It’s become a real thing around the world, thanks to all of you. We can’t emphasize this enough. None of this would be possible without all of your help and the incredible volunteers we have each weekend. They do amazing things for us! If people are into cars, chances are they know about the event, which is nice. It’s a heck of an honor for us and we never want to let you down.

We will have Kenworth coming out on the 24th and that will be cool. Every time I sit at the wheel of one of those rigs I dream of all the Prius I could crush in the left lane while sipping juice. That’s the video game I want someone to create. The only goal is to crush a left-lane Prius. We should crowd-fund that.

We will see you all in two weeks. We’ll post here before then, just to make you feel connected. The two weeks will fly by before you know it. We continue E@RTC until October sometime, depending on when we see that first long stretch of rain. Then everyone hibernates for the winter again.

See you all soon! Write us now and then. We love to get the mail.