We're rained out on our last day of August... I'm bummed.

We’re rained out for Saturday and it’s the last day in August and the holiday weekend so I was looking forward to tourists. We know these weekends matter, but we waited overnight to see if the chance of rain would change. It didn’t. Most of the reports agree on rain. They disagree on the time it will begin, so there was that. We’ll call it our micro tropical storm.

We also begin the countdown to the end of our season, which will be about six weeks away, give or take. We go until it looks like endless rain or we’re sick of each other’s jokes, which ever comes first. I’m betting on the jokes. We then all go hibernate for another winter, only to show up fatter the following spring while complaining about something that hurts somewhere. We never admit we’re fatter either, even though it’s obvious as hell. We’re all thinking you need to lay off the Jamba Juice. Yeah, we’re getting older and we’re dealing with that too. Kids who once showed up on beat-up BMX bikes are now rolling in with McLarens. Staying in school was a real thing.

This has been kind of an unusual summer don’t you think, or is it just me? It’s been a little cooler than usual, or so it seems. We now drift into those weeks where the choice is to either come to E@RTC or stay home and rake. They just repaved the street in front of my house which is on a hill, so this winter’s involuntary luge will be especially sporting. Gram-gram up the street should see much bigger air than usual. I’m looking forward to that event. Brakes do absolutely nothing when you lawn dart across an entire city block. She will majestically fly by like Eddie the Eagle on the big hill.

Don’t forget the Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum next weekend. Write us if you want to be at and E@RTC table and have some fun. Our own Sir Mix-A-Lot will be the honorary Chairman of the event so come out and help preserve some cars.

Don’t forget we have our wonderful hotel neighbor and I’ve not written about the Archer Hotel in a while. If you’re coming to Redmond and you see this, go to our accommodations page and click the link for a discount. They have been great to us all season so please think of them when you’re in the area. We can’t forget Redmond Town Center for all their support all summer. Without them we’d be standing in some dirt somewhere wishing for a mall.

See you all next Saturday!