We had a fun Saturday... and what's up next...

Wow what a great turnout on Saturday! Everyone was extremely well behaved and a giant thanks to PACCAR for bringing out the giant W990s! They were a huge hit! We also saw lots of spectators and cars we’ve not seen before.

A big part of it was now everyone was back from Monterey with stories to tell of harrowing drives, nice resorts, great shows, dramatic auctions, while others not from here, who were not so well behaved told their moms at the bail hearing about the upset of getting hogtied and arrested, along with their cars impounded for, “just having fun.” Thankfully none related to anyone in Seattle. We hope they learn jail tunes. We’ll send them a harmonica.

We had a significant spectator turnout on Saturday and we’re expecting even more from out of town this weekend because, well it’s a holiday and the end of summer and kids return to school on Tuesday in some places. Parents rejoice everywhere. I remember when I was excited about returning to school until that first dump truck full of homework backed up to my desk, and I had to drag it all home.

We get a lot of people in town from other parts of the country who are here on vacation and after flying in, want to see cool cars, especially, after visiting the Space Needle, waterfront and market, decide they want to get away from Garbage City and all the other needles they saw.

It means a lot to these folk to see your cars, many seeing these models for the very first time, so please do us a favor and get the word out to bring out that rare stuff for them to enjoy. The weather soon starts to turn ugly, so who knows how many nice Saturdays are left. We have about seven possible nice Saturdays, but we never make it to all seven. The forecast after Saturday is showing increasing chance of rain, so this could be the last nice Saturday for a while.

I again want to thank our wonderful Parking Thugs for their dedication all summer. Be sure to thank them for all they do for us. Without the Thugs, we’d not have this wonderful event. We have some extraordinary volunteers! Thank you all!!!

Don’t forget the Wheels and Heels Gala is coming up so be sure to let us know if you’re interested in going as a part of an E@RTC table. Just write us on this website and we’ll get back to you right away.

I’ll write again on Thursday as usual.