We're on for Saturday and a lot of news... PACCAR for one...Monterey... Wheels and Heels...

Here goes! We’re on for Saturday and after two weeks off, we’re expecting a bigger than usual turnout. The weather is expected to be decent too! We love this time of year especially after Monterey… speaking of which…


It was a heck of a car week. Just about every car journalist born in the last hundred years was there to cover it, so you can look at any car site and read something about Car Week. If you’ve never been and want to go, start planning now. Quail is the hardest to attend so write them for tickets as it’s sold out in seconds. It was spectacular this year and truly a very special event where we saw cars that will be difficult to ever see again. Tickets to Quail extremely expensive so start e-baying your former significant other’s stuff right now.

You also can’t miss the Pebble Beach Concourse as the main event. You do those two things and you see the best of the best. Hotels are very expensive so reserve early, or start to hunt for that perfect cardboard box to tuck under a freeway somewhere. We see a lot of folk there from E@RTC and that always adds more fun to the week. We watch out for each other in case one of us has to arrange bail.

Monterey, like every car event, had a lot of problems with tuners along with bad behavior from a few exotics. The police had their handcuffs full and it takes just a few to ruin a good thing. Revving engines is annoying as crap to 99.7% of all humans and they have no idea how bad of an impression they make on not just themselves, but the very brands they drive. The Mustangs and Camaros were especially obnoxious and not welcome most places for that reason. The police were dying to tase the crap out of every one of them until they involuntary wet themselves. You can find lots of videos on YouTube.


We have PACCAR bringing two big massive Kenworth W990 trucks for you to ponder and crawl around on Saturday. It’s a great time to bring the kids to see these two beauties up close and personal. The cabs are roomy and comfortable and inviting for that big road trip. They are bigger than my first apartment where I could reach just about everything from the toilet. Think of all the cars you could haul with that beast. Give the term “crushed it” real meaning! Think of the ex-now-far-less-than-significant-other you could move in one shot!

Wheels and Heels Gala!

We’d like to put together a table of E@RTC-ers at the upcoming Wheels and Heels Gala at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma on Saturday, September 7. Write us at info@exoticsat.com if you’re interested in being a part of our table. Also if you’re at E@RTC this Saturday, let one of us know you’d like to go. It should be a good time. Sir Mix-a-Lot will be there as the Honorary Chair of the Gala so lets all show him some big love! Kristen Wells will hopefully make it out to E@RTC before that event in a few weeks, so feel free to bug her about it too. She would love nothing more than to see E@RTC all scrubbed up and looking dapper.

The last two weeks flew by, but we’re now eager to get back into our usual pace. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!