We Will See You All Saturday...then we have two weeks off

Hi Everyone! Miss us writing? We were having some technical difficulties. For some reason, we could not get the log-in page to load. It didn’t matter what browser we used, so we’re late posting. They finally got it fixed. Yeah, we’re on for Saturday, but then we’re off for two weeks because Redmond Town Center needs their mall back for a day. We’ve been hogging it all summer. They have the big 5K Enforcer run around the mall. It’s like shopping, only a lot faster. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

My days running we’re about like most people. I’m out there running, and I’m running, and I’m running then one day, I thought to myself, this sucks, and I stopped. The end.

If they really wanted to make it exciting, they could start a new tradition and call it Running of the Cheetahs where they unleash a hungry pack and watch people run from the safety of the stores. We’re really see who’s the fastest. Let those Spaniards think we’re the crazy ones for once! You’d see some really fast runners for a change, and not those tubby guys who hit the nearest dumpster at the first sight of a bull coming their way. You know these runners would be flying by long before those cheetahs ever showed up.

Oh, then next week, on the 17th, we’re off too because we won’t have enough volunteers to help out because of car week in Monterey. They migrate south for that. If you need to see cars or you get that nervous tick above your left eye, you could come down and take in a few car shows. We return to our normal program the following week. If you’ve never come to Monterey, it’s a real thing to see.

We also have British Car Day coming up in September. We’re guessing we have about seven more decent Saturdays before we end our season when the rain starts. Still plenty of time to come out. But, do come out this Saturday while you can because a lot of people from out of town would love to see your ride and talk to you about your car. It means a lot to them.

See you all Saturday!