A Few Odds and Ends...

We had a fantastic Italian Car Day and we hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We hear about all the pets who are freaked out because of all the explosions. What I think about most are all those bomb sniffing dogs who think they screwed up.

We had no reports of any bad behavior at Redmond Town Center this week so thanks to all of you for that. I doesn’t hurt that the Redmond Police Department is now a part of our event. We’re thrilled to have them there and we hope you all take a moment to thank them for their service. It’s dangerous work. Redmond is kind of a sleepy town, but it does have some serious moments when the police have a lot on their hands so we want them to know that us car folk have their back at all times.

At the moment, it looks like we’re still on for Saturday, but we will post that decision on Thursday afternoon as usual. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been an odd summer so far. It hasn’t been the warm, sunny summer we typically have, nor has it been all that wet. It’s a little odd.

As for special events, we only have one more this season and that’s British Car Day. We could only squeeze in three special events this season. We do have Kenworth coming out one Saturday morning and that’s always fun. We’ve not done that in a while, but you don’t want to miss the latest products from such a great company.

We’re also now in the Monterey Car Week countdown for those of you who are going. If you want to head down, get what tickets you can right now. Hotels are the big problem. If you only have just one day, I’d strongly recommend the car parade on Thursday morning in Carmel By The Sea. That’s the actual town name. What other city needs to point out where they are? Sounds like it was named by really old people. “Ohhh, that one!”