Italian Car Day and Police Emphasis Patrols!

We’re on for this Saturday, July 6, for those who missed it in the giant red banner, is Italian Car Day, and one of our biggest days all season. This is a day when we dial it up for all exotic and rare cars made in Italy, but still welcome all other nationalities as long as they meet the usual criteria. We’re expecting some very special stuff to show up as we get every year.

We will be taking the whole center section of the mall, wrapping around to the primary lots near BJs Restaurant. Don’t forget, you can also stay at the Archer with a wonderful discount on our accommodations page.

Emphasis Patrols

We had a great conversation this past week with the Redmond PD. We’ve asked their assistance in helping us keep the event safe and to help us stamp out bad behavior. This isn’t just about E@RTC. Redmond Police also pointed out the large number of pedestrians around Redmond and they don’t want anyone to get hurt by some idiot racing through town.

Listen up! We’re cheering them on if they write you the fattest ticket you’ve ever seen in your whole life for behaving badly. We are firmly on their side. We hope they go so far as to impound you if they have to get the point across. Please tell your friends if you want to get around Redmond and save yourself a surprise expenditure.

They also plan to bring a patrol car to the show and we welcome them back. Police cars are always a huge hit when they show up. Please thank them for the service they provide to the community and Redmond PD has been an outstanding supporter since the day we started. Thank them for helping us keep E@RTC a world-class event.

We’re also expecting more Washington State Patrol emphasis along 405 and 520 to get those morons who decide to race into or out of Redmond. You know, the ones who try and do a fly-by along 520 before they have to go home to mom’s basement. We hope those folks get hog-tied and impounded for sure!

A Little 4th of July Public Service Announcement

Today is also the 4th of July and as we pointed out last year, someone out there will have less than ten fingers after tonight. So if you plan to have a few beers and play with explosives on this beautiful important day, take a look at your hands before you venture out, because it may be the last time you see them in the current unmodified configuration. It’s just a little reminder that the boom you hear, my be the sound of an involuntary but sudden hand disassembly. Think of how long it took you to grow that hand in the first place! You won’t have a way to grow another. Stay safe!