As for Saturday, July 20, YES!

This Saturday the weather folk are reporting a nice 78 degrees for a high and no rain. We may see some clouds in the morning but that’s not a big deal. You’ve woken up next to much worse.

It’s so hard to believe we’re in the second half of our season. I also think this is a new record for consecutive Saturdays without rain. What we’ve not had this season are those extremely warm mornings just yet, but we expect them to show up before the season ends.

We have Kenworth coming out soon. They are going to bring out the new massive W990. Sounds like a tax form, but I assure you, it’s not. It’s the latest creation from PACCAR and we love to help them any way we can. We’re proud of them building these things right in our back yard. Well, not exactly in our back yard. That would be a mess, but you know what we mean. You can come see these things and take a look inside. It won’t be this Saturday, but it’s coming up either next week, or the one after that, if Ms Nature decides to be be nice to us. You never know with her.

Thank you to all the participants who bring out their fabulous machines every Saturday. The spectators are grateful and let us know it. It means a lot to those people who never get to see exotic and rare cars up close. See you all Saturday!