Looking Like Sunshine Forever...

I checked the weather and it doesn’t look like rain is in the forecast anytime soon so we’re probably on for Saturday. This gives you ample time to negotiate that yard pass. I think we’ve already set a record for more nice Saturdays than not for this time of year. As always, we’ll post our final call on Thursday in case the weather folk are just messing with us and expect a deluge.

I found out that the Archer also has a breakfast buffet on Saturday. Mosey on over to our Accommodations page if you want to spend the night and arrive in grand style. Get to the buffet before Nick. That’s all I’m saying. This is great because you can see some cars, grab a quick bite and get back out to walk it off. We’re thrilled that the hotel is right there in the parking lot given how many of you come from a long way just to see these cars. We’re grateful for your effort to come see us and we don’t want to ever disappoint.

Also check our special events page to see what’s coming up. We don’t always post when we’re getting some surprises in town. You never know what will show up so come out and see for yourself so we don’t have to excitedly wave our arms so much.

I try and post something on the blog every Sunday and Thursday, but sometimes I have stuff to do too, but I do my best to get something here. It’s nice to see we get a lot of readers according to our stats, but our mail goal is to just make this whole thing a lot of fun and not take ourselves too seriously. It’s not like we’re all showing up for kidney surgery or anything. See you Saturday!