This Saturday is Italian Car Day! (Oh, and we had some behave badly this week...)

One of our biggest days of the season is this coming Saturday for Italian Car Day. As always, other car nationalities are still welcome, but this is when we put those Italian beauties front and center and take over the center of the mall. We typically draw almost 500 cars this day and more spectators than at any other time, so come out. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Why are the most expensive cars in the world from Italy? Why not Greece? What, they have no imagination? Even Japan! Japan makes great cars! Yet, Italy and everyone’s heart skips a beat.

You buy a Japanese car and it breaks, the engineers all get together to find out what went wrong. They go through this whole process to discover who screwed up on the assembly line. They fire them, their entire family, shame their ancestors, and erase all trace they ever lived.

An Italian car breaks down, and the engineers get together and respond, “Well, it was a beautiful night for you to walk home.”

Bad Behavior

For those of you who are sensitive to me flaming people for bad behavior, stop reading now... Just so you sensitive Sallys know, I’m about to pull out the blow torch once again.

Apparently a few of you have not learned your lessons about how to behave in and around Redmond and word got back to us. There is that asshat with the green Huracan that’s not welcome back. He’s been a problem before but somehow got back in, even though I suspect it was the same dude who was banned. We have those diaper babies in the Audis who the police finally nailed and you’re definitely going to get kicked out by security. If you know who they are, let them know they are not welcome to ever come back.

We’re asking the police to do some emphasis patrols in and around Redmond to nail these self-absorbed narcissistic morons who only think they matter. We know it’s just a few who want to ruin things for everyone else and the police will be out to generate some decent revenue from your nonsense. We’re cheering them on when they hogtie your ass and throw you in jail and impound your cars. Cha-Chig on that bill. We’re not kidding even a little. We’ve had ten years of success and we’re not going to let a few immature toddlers ruin it for the whole community. You give the entire car community a bad name and we care about sustaining this event. You give your own mom a bad name. Whoops, no, she did that herself having you! She did that other thing, but I’m being polite.

Flame thrower is now off…

Sorry for the PSA everyone. It’s sucks to write that stuff, but as long as there is bad behavior, we have to call it out. This isn’t Seattle. See you Saturday!