We're On for Saturday... and other stuff

It’s looking like we’re on for Saturday, but barely, and the trend is improving. The weather folks go on vacation so who knows how hard they try this time of year, but it’s all we have to go on. My knees won’t tell us anything. It’s not like a have a magic wart that acts up when it’s going to rain. We’ll trust them for now.

Thanks to all those who came out for German Car Day. It was a huge success and we had zero reports of bad behavior, which is what we love to experience. Thank you all for making it a wonderful event and for helping us keep everyone so well-behaved. It means a lot to us. It’s a very big deal when we have these events and no problems with people doing bad stuff.

Next weekend, July 6 will be Italian Car Day, so don’t forget that extra-special day. It’s one of our favorites all year. It’s also one of our most heavily attended events all season. We don’t have another special day after that until British Car Day, which is also a terrific day for us. So come out for those as well. Then go have a pizza!

This Saturday we expect a lot of out of town visitors and those who’ve managed to escape from other places so bring out your cars. Seriously, some of these out of town guests have never seen these cars in person before so it’s a huge deal when you come out. Give them a thrill! Come show off your stuff. No, not that stuff. The car.

Tourists are here to see our beautiful city and have a nice vacation. Wait until they get a load of Seattle and the sewer that place has become. Don’t mean to interject politics, but wow, what a sad situation! Don’t let our Eastside politicians make the same mistakes. This isn’t about party, this is about garbage. Lots of it! We try and stay out of politics. We do get mad about garbage. It’s everywhere.

Don’t forget to make your plans for Monterey if you are thinking about going. It’s hard to believe it’s only about eight weeks away, depending on what day you’re heading down. If you plan to drive, we’ll see you along 101. Come pat Babe the Blue Ox nut sack! We will post our details as we get closer.

See you Saturday!