Italian Car Day will be here soon and so will Monterey... read on

We had another fantastic German Car Day this year. Nobody got arrested, everyone behaved. Gold star to everyone! Shocker!

This marked the first of our three theme days this season. Thong day was not going to happen. We can only afford to pay for so much therapy and the bill would have been huge. Besides, we want to stick with cars.

We have Italian Car Day on July 6 as our next event when we turn up the volume to 11 again. That’s our biggest day of the season, next to opening day. Meanwhile, we don’t want to get a lot of email about if we’re still meeting on Saturdays. Yes, we are, unless it rains. Next Saturday is looking so-so right now as I write this. Anything could happen. Destiny awaits. So does laundry.

For those of you thinking about Monterey this year, it’s late for hotels, but it’s still something to consider if you’ve never gone before. It’s way better than a crafts fair. Anything is better than a crafts fair. I’d rather go in for a chest waxing. I’d rather pull a nail out of my foot.

We’re traditionally off the weekend of August 17 because, well most of our volunteers are in Monterey. It’s like the big E@RTC migration south. This year we’re heading out the prior Sunday morning nice and early and heading down the coast, something we do about every other year, with night stops in Newport, OR, followed by Eureka, CA, then Monterey. It splits the drive into thee six hour segments, so lots of time to play coastal tourist and eat stuff we’d never otherwise touch. As I sit here, I could have been a world class trapeze artist if it wasn’t for my love of pastries.

By the time we reach Trees of Mystery on Monday, we always find people we know at that stop. It’s kind of dumb, but fun at the same time. It’s like the power line where all the birds land. If we don’t already know you, we may see you there. If you’re thinking about driving down, don’t wait to make your reservations. Do it now or you’re sleeping in your car or under a dumpster somewhere. Don’t wake up with gravel stuck to your face.

We are still getting lots of email about qualifying cars and all of it helps us fine tune our list. Don’t email us late Friday and expect an answer before E@RTC. It’s our only tweezing time. Some of us have other stuff we have to get done and my not answer until the weekend. We do our best, but we’re all volunteers here.

See you this coming Saturday unless it rains. It could. You never know around here.