We Have an Accommodations Page!

As you can see, we now have an accommodations page on our website to better accommodate you. It’s our hotel page linking to our nifty discount at the Archer Hotel where you can savor 20% off while staying there for an E@RTC event! This means that refugees from Fresno have a place to go. The hotel is right in the parking lot so you can do the worm from your room all the way over to our lot without burning through your shirt!

I got a report of some Audi pilots not connected to our event still behaving badly around the mall and we need all of you to help us get that under control. Your help in policing this matter is much appreciated as we don’t want to ban all Audis, but we will do something if this keeps up. I don’t know how well village idiot jobs pay these days, but these guys may want to consider applying somewhere. The right town might be willing to pay a lot for a good one.

We’re still getting lots of emails about car qualifications and again, we’re always happy to get a response out to you just as fast as we can. Do us a favor and don’t email us the night before and expect an answer by morning before the event. Some of us need our beauty sleep. You don’t want us to show up all crabby and stuff.

E@RTC is becoming an internationally known event and it’s all because of you and the cars you bring. We’re extremely appreciative of all of your support and all the fans that come out to see your machines. The whole thing is wonderful.

Oh one reminder, we never allow mimes. They annoy the hell out of everyone. Feel free to drag any you see out of the event with their invisible rope. Annoying AF!