German Car Day... and Brats

Saturday is German Car Day! It’s one of our biggest events all year for those who love German cars. Every year we get some surprises and stuff shows up that we’ve not seen before so come out! Yes, other car nationalities are still welcome. We just dial it up for Germany.

The weather is looking decent for Saturday but then after that it looks like a long stretch of rain or almost rain. That stretch right now runs into the following Saturday so this could be the last decent Saturday for a couple of weeks, so this would be a good one to try and make. Fill out those yard pass forms early. Do something around the house. Make a nice quiche, then come to E@RTC!

You could go have a brat somewhere. Nothing like a good brat. Buy the ones from Wisconsin. They say so on the package. Johnsonville are close. There would be a Johnson in the name. Makes it kind of easy to remember. That’s where all the good brats are grown. The ones grown here are significantly closer to lawn sausage. Don’t make me explain that. No, don’t taste test.

Be sure to cook them well on the grill. You don’t want to get trichinosis. No, that’s not when you suck at magic. It’s a real thing. Read about it. Just cook your brats.

You could stay at the Archer! Get all snockered on good German beer and just sleep it off at the hotel and not drive anywhere. So many possibilities! It’s way better than trimming a hedge.

See you all Saturday!