June 22 is German Car Day... Others Still Welcome!

Next week is German Car Day, and those enthusiasts come out in force! They will be all around the mall, down the center, the sides of the mall and just about everywhere. We also still get lots of other nationalities, but it’s the one day of our season when we turn it up a notch for those built in Germany. Yes, we get a lot of Porsche. We get a lot of everything so you won’t be disappointed if you still want to see something else. it’s like we have a big menu and German Cars are on the chef’s daily special sheet.

We do get some extraordinary cars so come out! We get stuff you didn’t know was around here, and some of these beauties come from a long way away so don’t forget our accommodations page so you can overnight here at the Archer and get 20% off. It’s way better than sleeping in your car like those crazy kids from Montana who drive all night to make it to E@RTC. Glen, I’m talking to you…yeah, you.

Where I’m going here, is we get bombarded with email asking if their Italian or British car is still welcome and the answer is yes. We don’t lower the bar either so your Diesel Rabbit still isn’t getting in and probably won’t until we’ve colonized another galaxy somewhere.

Last year the group was great and we didn’t have any problems. We’ve noticed that when we made it about countries rather than brands, that some of the ego stuff was dialed back considerably, so we’re happy with the change. It makes it a lot easier on us too. Lines of cars to get in will be long so get there early. We’ll move you through as fast as we can. There is plenty of spectator parking around the mall so that’s never an issue.

We’ll see you all on Saturday!