We're On For Saturday!

We’re completely on for Saturday. As if you didn’t know that already. We didn’t see even a little threat of rain all week. Next week looks a little wobbly, but this Saturday should be a nice morning to come out and hang with your peeps.

Hey, don’t forget the Archer Hotel is doing brunch so river-dance on over and give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re glad they are all finally open after watching that thing get built over the last two seasons. It looks nice. Redmond has come a long way.

That south section of RTC turned out to be kind of the nasty food corner for a long time. Desert Fire went under. They had some good food, but the restaurant design was odd and the food slowly turned into something that made you want to run away. The place that followed would cause you to pull 6 Gs on the toilet on any given day.

Remember Claim Jumper? They sure started out strong when they first opened. They had meals bigger than you, and it attracted some of the largest humans I’ve ever seen on two feet. They needed those double doors. But, over time, the place just kind of got weird. Yeah, weird. The food was just so-so, and they couldn’t attract flies. It was a real shame too. That place was built like it was there for the single goal to fatten you up. That may have been its demise.

BJs… well we try. Nuf said. So, we’re hopeful that the Archer hits a home run and it looks like they are off to a good start. Lunchbox Lab is good. Massive and good. I also think the Fuji Steak House is very good too. Just don’t wear anything remotely flammable. It’s a cook-at-your-table-style restaurant, where knives move fast and where I’m guessing they have a decent amount of Band-Aids stashed somewhere.

Redmond Town Center does a lot for us so we want to support them as much as possible. You help us all tremendously when you shop or dine there. It’s turning into an experience center, so you can go there and experience stuff, like hot yoga with other hot sweaty people. Go see some of your friends sort of look like a goat from behind. Something to do. Buy a phone. Eat a cookie. There is so much there.

See you all Saturday!