We're On And It's...Topless Day!

Yes, we’re on, and it’s going in the 80s on Saturday! Right after our season opener too! That’s never happened before. Two nice events in a row! This is like that hot prom date who says she’d go out with you again! How rare was that? Especially after what you did!

It’s expected to rain the following week, so this may be it for a while, so don’t miss this Saturday or you will regret it until you’re at least 70. If you’re already 70, you probably don’t remember last week so it doesn’t matter.

With a day this warm, we know what that means…the tops come off. No, not on Nick. We’ve already warned him. This means all the open top, open cars, cars with no doors, sides, roofs, come out in force. This is when we see the Arial Adams of the world and those cars that have no heater. You can tell by the hypothermic driver who shows up with lockjaw and is shaking like they accidentally Tased themselves on Bear Creek Parkway. Even after they park, they are twitching around the lot for a good hour.

On those really cold mornings when they venture out, they can’t get their fingers off the steering wheel until they warm up a little. They just sort of sit there and shake with a frozen grin. You see the tears of regret.

These warm mornings are when people bring some of the old and unusual stuff. It’s a bit more festive when it’s this warm for some reason. But, I have to warn you, as I’ve said before, those white hairy legs can scare you into therapy, so bring sun glasses. The men are even worse! Wear a big floppy hat. It makes you look sophisticated.

Even if you came out last week, you’d be surprised by the number of different cars that will show up this weekend. The true number of exotics in the Pacific Northwest is extraordinary and more come out every year. You’d never know it just driving around. There are a lot of things you never know just driving around, now that I think about it. It’s also driving around when I realized that a pastry was screaming my name much louder than the ballet studio…which softly said, “Reste à l'écart gros garçon!

Hey, a giant thank you to Jessica from Redmond Town Center for making us those extremely cool feather-flags for opening day. We love them more than our own pets! Thanks Jessica for all you do for us. You can all help us immensely by shopping at Redmond Town Center while you’re there. Starbucks isn’t the only place! Buy some drums for that late night drum circle on the beach! When was the last time you had a good harmonica?

Then there is BJ’s Restaurant right there. It’s become a popular spot with spectators. Sorry, I can’t help it… of all 676 two-letter combinations in the alphabet, they decide those two letters in that order are the best choice. Really? Okay. Wouldn’t you like to see some Bangkok back-alley rub-rub joint getting into a trademark fight? I’d buy the popcorn for that. I can’t imagine trademark confusion. “…ah, am I in the wrong place?”

The Archer should be opening soon and we can’t wait for that. They will be serving breakfast too! The photos are now up on their website so you can see what the rooms look like. Seems like a nice place. For those driving from far away, think about staying there the night before. We will be getting an E@RTC rate and will post that here on the blog.

Hope to see you all this Saturday!