The Archer is now Open! You Get 20% Off! Darrin Got Married too!

We’re on for Saturday! We know you’d rather come out than steam clean that ugly rug or have to go plant something, like a long-lost dead relative somewhere. Sorry. Okay, that was dark.

We’re thrilled to announce that Archer Redmond, the new hotel is now open! They did a terrific job on the design and they welcomed us with open arms as they got closer to opening. We will do all we can to help them be super-successful in Redmond.

They gave all of us from E@RTC this nifty portal for 20% off! What’s cool is that they have their own internal parking making it safe for all those cars that come from Vancouver, BC, or Portland, or Chesaw. Yup, Chesaw. There are people there. I’ve seen them before. No, Chesaw is probably not a good vacation spot unless you like wild random shrubbery.

Oh, the hotel serves breakfast as well! Think about how fun to drive in, spend the night and not have to go anywhere, then roll out of bed, scratch yourself, then walk out to enjoy E@RTC! You can then go to BJ’s for lunch. It’s a bit awkward to put that name with a hotel, I admit. I had to edit it a few times so it wouldn’t come up in the wrong search. I’m not the one who gave that food establishment such a terrible name!

Still, I can’t think of a more fun weekend event. We’re glad they are finally open after two years of painstaking construction. It’s a nice looking building too. Thank you Archer for your support!

We should see a nice turnout this weekend after last Saturday’s rainout. It was just starting to rain as I drove through Redmond that morning. It was nice that the weather folks got it right. So far they are doing better this year than last. We got flamed a lot over the weather calls, which we don’t make.

A big shout-out to Darrin Wong, who just got married on Monday. Darrin has been a supporter of E@RTC all the way back to our very first weekend. We wish he and Suki the best. Congratulations to you both! Darrin has been a great friend to all of us all these years and we’re very happy for him. Darrin was a big part of the car community long before we founded E@RTC.

As we were at the wedding, it made a bunch of us think about all the relationships and friendships that began with E@RTC. Some got married, others divorced, some became business partners and almost all helped each other in some way. It’s what community is all about. Yeah, a few got in arguments, but as far as we know, nobody got punched. It’s a beautiful thing. See you Saturday!