Memorial Day Thanks And More About Criteria...

It’s Memorial Day and our moment to think about all those who gave their lives for this country and for all those who served. It’s because of you that we have the freedom to clown around in a parking lot on a Saturday morning. Who knows what this country would be like without all you did. We all deeply appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

It’s still five days away as I write this, but Saturday is starting to look like it will be nice! This means we will have a good turnout. It’s always the situation when we have a good Saturday after a rain-out. It’s like people need their car fix and get that twitch above their left eye if they don’t see cool cars.

Apply for that yard pass early. Paint something, anything to get that pass. Paint always works, except on animals. That never works.

Someone asked why we’ve never commercialized E@RTC. It’s simple. We wanted to build a real community event and make the focus about you and not us. We have some sponsors, but it doesn’t cover our costs. We get support from Redmond Town Center and the rest is picked up by us to keep it independent, and about all of you. The goal remains to bring car enthusiasts together to see both exotic and rare cars for all our mutual enjoyment while having a good time. It’s like a weekly block party without beer throwing, fistfights or anyone getting hogtied and tossed in a police van. College was fun.

We’re still getting lots of questions about what cars make it into the event and what doesn’t. It’s on our criteria page. If you can’t find it there, just drop us a note and someone will get back to you within a day or two. Dan does a good job of maintaining that section. We all have other jobs so we get to email as fast as we can. Just don’t play the “worthy” card with us. It misses the entire point of the event. We think about what people will drive a long way to come see up close. It’s about as simple as that. Not, really, but close.

We love it when you write us and give us feedback. Even when you have to vent about your sister. We’re completely understanding, especially the sister part. We’ll take a letter about your brother too. We’re always up for a good laugh.

We’ll post our usual weather update on Thursday; if we’re on or off or if a submarine is coming by chance. We’ve not had one of those either.