We're Rained Out... And the Answer is No!

We’re rained out for Saturday. Looks like you will now have time to organize your sock drawer or go make chili. We’ll try again next week. We soon hit that stretch of consistent nice Saturdays, but I guess it’s not happening yet. Typical.

When I sit down to write this, usually a day or two before we post, I don’t have any idea if we’re on or off, but the preceding paragraph will say just that. Right now it’s anybody’s guess. Well, not anybody. There are a few out there who’s guess I could do without. I’ll start with anyone who ever said, “hold my beer” and ended up in the hospital, in a bed with tubes everywhere.

I do have some good news to report. There were no problems this past weekend with people on exit, we were still receiving complaints about someone from the week before, complete with photos, so we’re dealing with that behind the scenes since we got names and addresses and lists of music they hate. We’ll send them an embarrassing garden gnome just to show we mean business.

One of the most often asked questions we get, outside of car qualifications is if someone can have a booth or card table to sell or promote some business at E@RTC. The answer is no. Not just a little no, it’s a very big NO. It’s RTC policy ratified in their sacred mall constitution and signed into law in 1861. It can’t be changed without a vote of the one person who invented the modern shopping mall and he’s dead, so there is no possibility to change it. Them’s the rules.

We do occasionally allow nonprofits such as America’s Car Museum or some car clubs to do something, but that’s usually in response to their participation and support in our event. When was the last time you went to the museum? It’s cool. Tell them we sent you.

Let’s be real for a moment. About the last thing you all want is to be sold that beer juicer thingy while you’re participating in E@RTC. We don’t care how good your fudge is either. The farmer’s market is right around the corner and you can sell it there. They have some good chutney to take home to Gram-Gram.

Oh, one question just came up, do we ever have a revving competition? The answer is F-no! (Don’t need to explain the F.) Rhymes with duck. Revving is never allowed. Ever-ever. We have offices around us. People who we need to get along with and stuff. It would not end well. Sorry. To most people, it may surprise you, but it’s annoying AF. I think an event recently got shut down because of revving. That would do it. It’s like accordion music, or bagpipes, that would get us shut down too.