We Need a Blimp Visit!

It’s looking like we’re ON for Saturday. It’s hard to believe, but it was going to happen sooner or later where there would be significant weather suckage on Friday and Sunday, but skip Saturday during our event. If you’ve been here a while, you know that or normal pattern has been the complete opposite where the only day with weather suckage has been on a Saturday… with nice days on Friday and Sunday. So, we look forward to seeing you! The folks on the news were saying we’re due for a “wet pattern” whatever that means, but assume it means lots of days of rain for a while, so come out while you can!

We hope this week everyone behaves and that I can write about other things besides rattle-waving diaper babies driving fast cars… that probably shouldn’t. Flaming bad behavior is not our favorite. We’d rather write about fun stuff, but we’re serious about protecting the event for everyone. We want this to be something your kids enjoy…even the ones you don’t know about.

You know, it occurred to me, we’ve never had a blimp at E@RTC. I just hit me like a ton of heavy objects. No blimp. We’re car people! Cars and blimps kind of go together. We’ve never had one even fly over and say hello. I’m feeling a little dissed, aren’t you? I should send a letter to Goodyear and see what they say.

“Dear Goodyear,

Please, please, please bring your new shiny blimp to E@RTC. You will get the best parking. You qualify under our rare car category and we have enough volunteers to walk you in. Yes, we’re aware that you’re 196’ long, but we’ll make room, we promise. It just has to be clean and in show condition.

There is a Starbucks nearby for you and your crew and we have enough people to hold the ropes, as long as it’s not that windy. I can’t guarantee they will hang on, but we’ll give it a try. We think it would be good for your brand and ours and you will all have fun, we promise, and you may even sell a few tires, or just some rubber. We all need a little rubber. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about those shitty 159s, mind you, we’re talking about the other tires you sell.

We’re in the lot next to BJs, but it’s probably not work-safe to Google the name. Original Pancake House may be better. We look forward to your visit.


The Thugs”

You know, they never teach you in school that blimps aren’t the most practical things to own. It’s one of those things you set your heart on, only to find out later they require lots of care. You learn those lessons the hard way. It’s not like you just let one bounce around the yard until it’s time to go flying. They require a bus load of people to help land. Then after a lot of yelling and screaming they all sit around and ask, “Why?”

It may rain in spots overnight, but probably not our spot, so still show up. We’ll save you from having to go eat casserole somewhere.

39 years ago this Saturday, Mt. Saint Helens erupted! Hard to believe it was that long ago. Most of you were not even born and know nothing about having a mountain chase you. Not fun!