We Had Some Bad Behavior Again...

Two fabulous weeks in a row! This is better than skipping Fresno!

We were just sent a link to a great video from last week by Sara M, one of our participants. It’s well done and gives you a sense of the excitement and grander we all felt the last two Saturdays.

A little tip for those who post videos: On YouTube, use both “E@RTC” and “Exotics at Redmond Town Center” if you want people to find your stuff. Don’t do, “Redmond Cars and Coffee” as it’s not our name and you end up looking like your socks don’t match.

We also had to turn cars away today and we hate to do that so come early if you want to get in. Don’t go rolling up at 9 and expect us to get you in. Hey, just because the ferry leaves at 9 doesn’t mean you show up then, right? Same-same. You can do this! It’s not hard.

As we write this, the weather isn’t looking so good for next Saturday, so we could go back to winter… until around July. We never know. We average around 20 events a season and it varies every year by just one or two. Thank you all very much for supporting us. It was an extraordinary day. Yet, with that we still had some bad behavior that we have to write about to nip in the sack if you know what we mean.

Exotic Car Rentals Banned!

To the careless drivers of a certain car rental place who went flying out of E@RTC, you are now permanently banned from E@RTC. Go take your behavior somewhere else. What you fail to recognize is that these events require the well-mannered and mature behavior of everyone who participates if they are to continue, and you’re clearly not at that level. Don’t bother apologizing either. We’ve had enough. Here is a company consistently giving all exotics owners a bad name. We see a car pulling up with your crap on it, we’re turning it away. Go live in Fresno.

And to the pack of Audi Twits…

We also had a problem with a group of equally jejune Audi owners parked at the west end of the south lot who then showed their own lack of sensibility by driving around the mall followed by racing down Bear Creek. Go meet at one of your mom’s houses and take the bus so you don’t hurt someone. Talk about the girlfriends you wish you had.

We’ve notified RTC security and if we have to ban an entire class of Audis to make the point, we will. Let you deal with your brand-brothers and sisters who do respect the event. BTW, as for your post, we’re not, “Cars and Coffee” either.

What you asphalt-shaming nose-pickers fail to understand is that you tarnish the very brand you covet. This is like packin’ up the camp gear and headin’ into the woods to go huntin’ for your own foot, then blowing it off the second it moves. It’s that moronic! Friends, I’m afraid your stupidity rivals cheese! I just received a 25 pound bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels and every one of those peanuts is smarter than you.

Seriously, do you really think racing down Bear Creek impresses anyone not in a stroller? What…you have a toddler waiting for you… cheering you on because you see a rattle wave? You’re like kids on a swing set. Grow up!

Did it ever occur to you that there is an actual reason in addition to the class of cars that you’re not allowed in? As you’re sitting in your mom’s basement contemplating your life over a bowl of Rice Krispies, while waiting for her to give you gas money, ponder the cause and effect of what you just did. People often ask why we ban certain car models, and modded cars. The answer is you- because certain cars and bad behaviors go together. This is why. It’s right here in full demonstration along with all you rattler-waving toddlers who race down Bear Creek. Weeee! Impressive!

For you loyalists who know these kids, please try and reason with them…if that’s even possible. I know, it’s like talking to a radish. For God sake, please go park somewhere else, like Memphis. Well, we can only wish, right?

We are going to ask Redmond PD to keep an eye on your ass as we have photo with your license plates, just to simplify the paper work for the city. It’s jerks like you who ruin what we do, so we’re not letting up.

I’d much rather write about more pleasant things than the lack of proper upbringing that goes with car events, but it’s the territory we’re in. Shaming them here for the most part gets the point across.

We fully intend to protect the event, and we will kick anyone out who doesn’t treat the whole thing with the respect it deserves. People come from a very long way to participate in E@RTC and thousands of hours of volunteer time go into making it work and we’re not going to let a few diaper babies ruin it for all of us.

We will post again on Thursday afternoon, after we get the weather reports unless it’s obvious that we’re on or off. The reports come in around 3:30-3:45 and we make our decision shortly after, unless there are weather report conflicts, then we go watch them fight it out in a parking lot somewhere.