We're Rained-Out Again...But We're Here Just to Have Fun!

Sorry we’re rained out…again… Ms. Nature feels the need to hose us down one more time. We will try to have our opening day again in two weeks… assuming she’s done watering. We wouldn’t start next week, the 20th because of the Easter Egg Hunt, so our next possible opener is the 27th. We will get there, I promise. It may take a few weeks, but eventually we get our first nice Saturday and the whole world will be perfect. Just remain calm. Find a squeeze ball, or a puppy. Have some pancakes! They fix everything!

Why We’re Here

We built this ship for one reason only and that’s to have fun with cars on a Saturday morning. We’re not out to sell anything, or promote ourselves personally; nope, just a bunch of people wanting to have a good time on a Saturday morning without involuntary handcuffs, bruises, or protruding bones followed by screams. (I don’t know about you, but I never want to say hello to my own bones.) None of us are in the car business either, so there is no indirect beni in all this. We do what we do because we love cars. We love watching interesting exotic and rare cars roll in, then talking about cars while standing around giving each other a badly-needed hard time. We do this for no other reason than to have fun on a Saturday morning. This is a chance to come out and be a kid again and not get yelled at, assuming you were properly granted that yard pass and did all your chores.

It seems like everything in the world has become so PC lately, hasn’t it? What ever happened to sling shots, chemistry sets, and lawn darts? Ooooohhhh, that…okay, never mind. You can’t do anything fun anymore. Remember when we didn’t have to wear helmets for anything? Sure a few of us could only eat soft foods for a while, but we had fun, didn’t we? E@RTC is like all those good old times but without the helmets. If you really want, you can come to E@RTC and wear a helmet, but you will sort of stick out a little bit and people may talk to you real slow, but we will still welcome you.

I just realized I could have been in the ballet if it wasn’t for my love of pastries.

Meanwhile, when you read our blog, you see us continually assail those who sometimes unknowingly try and take our fun away from us. It’s our visceral reaction to preserving the very spirit of E@RTC. Don’t worry, we won’t let them do it. Besides, we can dish out more insults than Don Rickles with his foot nailed to a board. We’ve been insulting each other for years and we’ve perfected the art of a good diss. We do it, because well, it’s funny, and too often someone is in need of a good tongue flogging. It also preserves the fun, so there is that. We’ll try again in two weeks…but it’s not looking so good either. That happened last year and we all lived.