We're in 93 Countries and Other Interesting Stuff...

Well, lookie at what happened. It was a suitable Saturday, but no, we were off. Bunnies, you owe us. We may be rained out again this Saturday looking ahead to next week. The forecast right now isn’t looking so good, but you never know what’s going to change in a week. Some people fall in love in less time. Or break up. Nothing like a frying pan to the forehead while you’re in the shower to say it’s over.

It kills us to not get our season started, but we always manage to get in about twenty nice Saturdays so don’t get too stressed over this. It will happen. Besides, it gives you more time to slim down. That Ferrari jacket you love was making you look a little balloon-animal-ish if we’re being honest. I know, I love the pastries too.

We’ve had a lot of pictures sent to us of cars that are not on our list. We keep refining the list as questions come up so it’s a never-ending work of art. What it tells us is there are a lot of surprises waiting to come out to E@RTC. This is what makes it so fun, that we never know what we’re going to see. It also makes us realize that there are far more interesting cars hidden around than we could have ever imagined.

Some ask us who’s writing our blog. I write it… (I’m being intentionally vague.) I don’t sign it because it’s from all of us. It’s never been about me, and instead it’s about all of you so we just write what we think makes you laugh a little. We don’t write for everyone. We piss off a few and I’m continuously banned from Fresno. I know there is a nun somewhere who breaks out in a sweat praying for us every night in the desperate hope that I’ll stop writing. Others want to find out so they can yell at me about something or give me the finger in person… or take one of mine. For those who don’t like our blog, either don’t read it or carefully wrap yourself in high-quality bubblewrap and ship yourself somewhere that makes you happy. This way we both win.

Did you know that people from 93 countries visited our website in the last year??? I didn’t either until I counted. Shout out to the two people in Kenya. They must love cars! Or they were looking for a real Impala. One never knows. We will post if we’re on or off on Thursday afternoon after the weather report comes out.