We're Canceled Because of Bunny Hunter Congestion

Don’t forget we’re off this weekend, O-F-F, no matter what the weather looks like on Saturday…which is looking kind of nice… Aw, shucks. (It’s not what I really said…but kids read this.) Apparently the bunnies need the parking lot for Easter. Repeat, NO E@RTC FOR SATURDAY APRIL 20! (I hate yelling.)

This Saturday, RTC is having their Easter Eggstravaganza where they don’t just hide eggs, they also collect and hide your car keys and wish you luck finding them. Some cars have been there since last year.

I guess thousands of sugared-up kids show up to raise hell all jacked on marshmallow eggs, and chocolate bunnies so it sounds like a great time if you’re into knee-level tornados! Bring your kids! Bring some you don’t even know, but get permission. We don’t want that flaming letter in our inbox.

Wouldn’t you know it, it would have been a decent Saturday too. The chance of rain is around 5%, well within our typical safe range! Damn you bunnies! Don’t fret, this has been a typical opening month. We rarely have our opening day on opening day. It’s why we don’t invite the press or people we like. We should call it our non-opening day and still celebrate in some bar somewhere.

We will try again next week. We still expect a much bigger opening day whenever it happens. Traffic on our site is up substantially; roughly 37% over last year. It’s amazing how many people read this blog and from all over the world too. We can’t thank you enough for that. We could thank you enough I guess, now that I think about it, but the point is, it’s a lot of thanks.

We have some new volunteers joining us this season so please be tender. It’s much appreciated. We don’t want anyone to be scared into therapy on the first day. It’s a small favor. We don’t want them going home and hiding, thinking, “what the hell was that?”

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest. We have some America’s Car Museum updates to add so you could drive down there and show them some love too. They are in Tacoma if you’re new around here. Yeah, Tacoma… We didn’t put it there!