From Pooh Bear to Pool Noodles, We Cover It All...

We’re sorry it’s going to be a while before our next chance at another good Saturday. Look at the bright side. Never mind, I couldn’t think of one. The 27th will be here before you know it. No matter what the weather, we’re off on the 20th because it’s the annual Redmond Town Center Easter Hunt and Bunny Shoot. …I’m just kidding about the bunny part… I could just see the hate mail from that one. Not to mention all those who’d show up from Fresno and start blasting away at the little fur balls.

The new hotel is opening up soon! It’s called the Archer. It’s the one right there in the parking lot that we’ve watched go up over the last two years. They already got in touch with us to see how they can become involved. We want to be great neighbors and support them any way we can. They also serve breakfast! We welcome them to the hood and will be there for them. Be kind and don’t go parking in their garage either unless you plan to spend the night. We have plenty of parking anyway.

They are going to give us a special weekend rate and we will post it here on the blog as soon as we receive it. Think of how fun that will be to show up the night before and wake up already at the event! Watch the cars roll in from the safety of your own room. Stand on your deck and like a warlord summoning your worshipers, all while in full Pooh Bear. (That means you only have a shirt on.) Oh stop, you Pooh Bear when you work-Skype from home. Don’t tell me you don’t.

Redmond Town Center has a lot going on these days and so it’s worth spending some time checking out the place. Did you know there is a place for kids to learn to swim? Really! It’s called Goldfish Swim School. I wonder if they teach kids float upside down. We didn’t have anything like that growing up. No, for us as kids, it was just tossing us out of the boat! The only instructions we got were, “See-ya at home!” There was no music and dancing in shallow water. We didn’t have swim noodles and water wings. We were handed big giant rocks and told to hang on. Yet here we are! Well, most of us. Kids have it so easy today.

Just so you know, we try to get the blog out every Sunday and Thursday with the weather announcement. This is where we post the latest happenings and occasional gossip. Write us if you have comments. We love mail.