About Our First Rain-Out of the Season and the Resulting Tantrums

Well, sorry to say it’s our first rain out of the season, but there will be more Saturdays, and more rain-outs so don’t fret. We will try again next week. Have some fruit. Netflix and chill? No?

Before you go full postal and threaten a professional hit, let’s explain our thinking as we kick off the new season. We cancel every time the chance of rain is 30% or higher. There is no point in arguing with us. We’ve all dated gingers at one point in our lives and are completely immune to irrational threats of bodily harm.

Before you send us a screenshot of your magic phone showing a less than 30% chance of rain, all while you monkey-stomp your feet in protest, we want to point out that we draw our data from more than one source. We get it from NOAA, Wunderground.com, all four local TV networks, Weather.com, and the weird dude under my porch eating all the peanuts I put out for the squirrels. That guy was eating 25 pounds a month before I even noticed!

If all of this weather forecasting stuff conflicts, we average it, sometimes we debate it, sometimes we even delay our call until the next report in our attempt to get it right, but once we make the call, your magic phone’s weather app doesn’t count for squat. It never did count for squat, so stop framing those screen shots and mailing them to me. I’ve got p-l-e-n-t-y.

Once in a while the weather folk all get it wrong and are not that great at forecasting. It’s why so many weather nerds are divorced, so ponder that little factoid.

So why do we call it on a Thursday after 3 PM? Well, that’s when the weather reports come out and that also gives people time to cancel their plans and do other things besides stand in the rain on a Saturday morning; later writing to us, just to let us know how much it sucked. It also gives our volunteers some time off. They do need time off or they get cranky, and that’s no fun either. It also gives those who made hotel reservations a chance to get their hotel deposit back, not get on that flight to Seattle, or cancel that date.

Why do we cancel at all when it’s raining? Well in spite of what you say, nobody likes to stand in the rain and talk about cars. If they do, something is curiously wrong and they probably need to get off the roids or reduce their Redbull intake a skosh. In spite of that mushy letter you once wrote about your love of walks in the rain just to nail that snappy date, I’ll bet you can’t prove you really do. You think we’re a bunch of wimps? Drive your freshly polished car over to Green Lake and count the number of people standing out in the rain walking in little circles and report back. I’ll bet the ones you count have no idea they are even there.

The point is, each season, we get the kids who are all upset when we call it off due to rain. They make the most noise, sort of like bagpipes, accordions and a didgeridoo all blended together into sweet, yet painful music. We suggest they go back to their parents basement and take it out on the game console. Go play with some packing peanuts. We’ll try again next week…or possibly the week after…or the week after…and so on and so on…until one day, sun and opening day!