Why We Enforce Our Rules

We all know it sucks to have rules. As a toddler, you only had to pull the TV down on your head just once to know there was a reason dad said don’t touch, right? And it kind of hurt, didn’t it? Rules are for a reason, and sometimes it’s to protect ourselves or others. We don’t make rules unless we have to. Guess what, we have to. I’d have been an olympic runner if it wasn’t for my love of pastries, so there is that.

We don’t charge you to get in, and all of us volunteer our time, so it doesn’t seem like a lot to ask when we want people to just follow the rules. It’s all so we can keep the event going so just play along. This isn’t hard stuff. All of the wonderful people involved in E@RTC have spent thousands of hours on this event and none of them want it to end badly. Put another way, if we’re to sustain this glorious beast for another ten years, we have to abide by some rules or we’re toast.

Some rules have zero tolerance. You’re not likely to hurt someone if you wear that terrible combination of plaids and stripes, but if you did a long smokey burnout, you could harm someone so there is a huge difference. For that reason, if you break a rule and you were banned, well, you’re still banned. It doesn’t matter if your bad behavior was last season or not. We have a better recollection than that neighbor who remembers that moment you pooped on their lawn after that party you don’t remember. We have the awesome power of a collective memory, and keep in mind it’s not just the thugs who remember and want the rules enforced. It’s also our participants who care about the event too!

The only reason we create rules is because a few don’t have the common sense God gave a radish and things have to be explained in great detail. They are the ones who didn’t just pull that TV down on their head just once either. For some, it’s a life theme. We just wish they would not participate.

We’re sorry we have to hammer this each season, but opening day is often when we seem to get the “maturity-challenged” at the event. For everyone else, we look forward to seeing your shining faces!