Changes to our Entrance Criteria... Here Come the Flame Throwers!

Okay, well, here we are, once again with the dreaded list of changes to this year’s entrance criteria page found here. Before you down the muscle relaxers to relieve that involuntary, yet sometimes-embarrassing quiver in your forehead, please understand our reasoning. We get too many cars that people don’t get all that excited about, and our spectators complain! That’s right, we get it both directions.

As we say so often, we’re not out to be Cars and Coffee either, because too often both suck. We think that’s a recipe for failure and everyone that ever starts one of those eventually collapses under the weight of immature yahoos that ruin it for everyone. We’ve spent ten years explaining what we do and why, and it’s all over our website, so please chill. “Moossaaa…” Feel better??? No??? Try again, “Moossaaa….” More moo this time. Try some grapes.

Our goal is exotic, rare, and special classic cars. We’re not a modded show or a Safeway parking lot either.

Dan updated our list with help from Sean who works the front entrance and has to put up with the arguments over the years. He raised a daughter so he knows a thing or two about empty, pointless, un-win-able arguments. So, if you try and push that they only made 10,000 in your color, it won’t do you much good.

Here are the changes to the entrance criteria page this year.

Audi: RS4+ Models, S8 (D4+ Chassis ONLY), All R8s, No other S-line models besides the S8, No RS3s. 

BMW: LIMITED PRODUCTION M2/3/4 MODELS ONLY - due to the large number of M cars, only the rarer examples will be allowed and in limited quantity (1M, GTS, CSL, etc, no standard M2s/3s/4s), M5, Alpina Models, 850, I8, Z8. No SUVs (including X5M, etc), Select Vintage (starting at E30 and earlier for M3s cars)

Chevrolet: C7+ only Corvette Z06, C6/C7 ZR1, 6th+ Generation Camaro ZL1 1LE (Not SS-1LE, not base ZL1),  Select Vintage

Maserati: Gran Turismo, Quattroporte, select vintage. No Ghiblis or SUVs.  

Mercedes: AMG models - Latest generation or very limited production AMG Models only such as Evo and Black Series cars only, E63 wagons, all SLS models, Select SL Models*, Mercedes McLaren SLR, G series 4x4² series (no normal G series), Select Vintage

Porsche: All 911 S+ models (no base 911s), all air cooled models, 918, Carrera GT, All GT Trim models (Cayman GT4, GT3RS, GT2, etc), All R Models, Panamera Turbo trims (no non-turbo models), Vintage and rare. No: Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, etc, except R and GT# trims (GT2/3/4, not GTS).  

Ms/AMGs/911s/Teslas/Ghiblis: Due to the overwhelming number of cars we get and the regularity of 911s, M, and AMG cars we see, we are now limiting the number and focusing on special production vehicles. 

Offroad Vehicles:

We love some good 4x4s, but they need to be really special. Often these fall into our vintage category or are considered specialty cars. A Hellcat swapped Jeep works, so does a trophy truck or Dakar rally vehicle. 100k in Overland mods into your FJ Cruiser or Wrangler is probably amazingly capable, but also not exotic. Ask us; these can be quite a crowd pleaser and we welcome the more extreme.

Still come out and enjoy the event. Your friends won’t think any less of you if your car doesn’t get in either as it’s no measure of who you are as a person. Nobody will laugh and point, I promise… unless you try and sneak in then all bets are off.