We Need Your Help

No, we’re not going to ask you for a few bucks to fix someone’s lower lip. We’re looking for more volunteers for our 2019 season. We don’t want to burn out the dedicated and beloved Thugs we have now. So, if we’ve put up this nifty attention-grabbing notice on Facebook to see if some of you colorful folk want to join us for more laughs.

No seriously, click here!

No seriously, click here!

I’ve been one of the beloved Thugs for ten years and I’ve made life-long friends who made my life better. Well, most of them did. There is one or two who probably shouldn’t ever be seen in daylight, but that’s a different problem. This is a chance to do the same thing with your life, and make some new friends. This is a chance to give back to the community and do something that makes you and everyone else around you feel good!

This is our tenth anniversary so there will be more festive moments than ever before. One day we may even count wrinkles or stand on a scale! Who knows! Hey, we’re all aging at the same speed… unless you’re in the hooch every night, then you’re going down hill like a runway freight train on fire. It’s just a matter of time before that liver wants out and you know it. Where was I going? You probably shouldn’t volunteer, but for all of you others, come join us. You likely won’t regret it. I can’t guarantee for sure, but chances are, you won’t.

Meanwhile, we will see you all very soon! We’re on the home stretch before Mom Nature starts messing with us. April 6, unless she decides she can’t hold her water that day. Depends.