Weather is trending nicely for our...

…last event of the season. If the weather forecast holds, Saturday will be our last E@RTC for this year. We’ll post if we’re on or off on Thursday, same as we usually do. If we’re on, we’re expecting a lot of cars so show up early. Bring Kleenex and business cards so you can say goodbye to that special someone. Also dress warm that morning. It’s probably going to be cold too. We don’t want you going hypothermic on our last day.

We have a big diesel outdoor heater somewhere. We named it, “Sir Heats a Lot.” We’ve not used it in many years. Not since our season started in February, which we realized was a bad idea. We started that early because we were afraid everyone would forget about each other and not remember ever meeting before. That too wasn’t the case.

After this Saturday, we will continue to blog, and we will resume again on April 4, assuming it’s a nice Saturday. In reality, it will be more like May, but we could get lucky. Nice things happen to other people, so why not us too?

Stay tuned for our Thursday post!