We're rained out...but...

…we’re still trying to decide if we’re going to be willing to give it one more try next week. We will watch the next few days then either will risk it or call it for the season. We have a lot of people to thank and we’ll get to that in our next blog. It's in draft form. Check back for that!

This was a crazy week. First, I was sure we’d be off, so I started to draft a blog as if we were, so then the weather started to improve, so I wrote one about our having a workable Saturday. Then just as it was improving, and I kept writing, the weather turned on us again, and now we’re off.

I’m up at Sun Mountain as I write this, and if you get a chance, the leaves are just about to turn colors everyone likes, so get out and do the Cascade Loop while you can. There was snow on the sides of the roads for about the last few miles, but pass conditions were perfect and I strongly suggest getting in that last big drive before your yard pass is revoked. No ice anywhere either! It’s too warm.

I stopped at Diablo Dam just as they were opening a spillway and that was fun to watch. I’m sure the lazy dudes in floaters were not too happy to be swept out to Fish Town. They probably had to call friends to get them back to their pickups. You know we have an actual town called Fish Town? I could have been a world class floater if it wasn’t for my love of pastries.

It’s a matter of weeks before the HY 20 closes for the season and Winthrop sort of dries up until the pass opens again. Sure, some locals come through, but it turns into a hike. All the stores were getting ready for winter and they know it all kind of sucks. You can then drive through Leavenworth and get shit-faced for Octoberfest, dance around a pole, barf in a trash can, and have your buddies get you home. Sounds like fun!

I was surprised by how little traffic there was. I think people were expecting the pass to be bad. Get out there and drive! You have all winter to clean the car!

We will be posting our plans sometime soon, I promise.