This is it everyone...

…the last Saturday of our season, so come out and say your goodbyes. We are on for the last time this year! Go ahead, do your little happy dance, the one you do when you just got lucky.

We know this Saturday will be a huge turnout, but I will warn you it will be a little cold so dress for it. Nothing more annoying than trying to talk to you when you’re shaking like a dog pooping a hammer.

Fire up those electric undies. Bring the hand warmers, and I’m talking about what in your pockets right now. Wear winter stuff, even though the morning low is expected to be in the high 40s. Stand around enough and it’s still cold. Warm up at one of Redmond Town Center’s finest restaurants or do some shopping! It’s not too early to start that Christmas Shopping.

For most of us, this will be the last time we will see each other this thin. By next spring, we show up just a little bit more on the chunky side then deny it. Bring a scale to show your season ending weight before you begin your winter grazing. We all know how this will go. Yeah, some of you will get stuck overnight in a corn maze somewhere and almost starve, but for most of us, it’s chips and salsa all winter.

We have a lot of people to thank and I’m working on that separate blog which I hope to have finished soon, so come back here and read that one. It’s important! We have a lot of people who have done so much for us this season and we want to be sure and thank them.

Meanwhile, we’ll see you all on Saturday!