We're Rained-Out for Saturday, but Before You Get Your Undies in a Bunch...

This was a tough call this morning. I'm sitting here in the Poodle Dog Cafe in Tacoma looking at all the weather forecasts, six different to be exact, and they average over 30% chance of rain. Yeah, we know some show only 20% chance of rain, but they have all be trending up every six hours. I even climbed the peak of Mt. Rainier in the middle of the night to consult with the shivering emaciated guru who wasn't wearing enough clothes and he told me to go away, he was concentrating, but I got the message. I could see my house from there.

It seems like if you call yourself the Poodle anything, it's kind of obvious you're talking about a dog isn't it? The sign said, "Good Food" so that was reason enough to stop here. I don't know of a poodle cow. Poodle is kind of a unique name to a dog and I don't need "dog" as a qualifier. I don't exactly get it, but okay. The food's not bad actually... so far. Ask me in a few hours. It's very clean, I will say that!

The good news is that tomorrow morning you get to stay in bed with that special someone. You can think back to that crustacean you once almost married, or did... or are.