We're not yet done for the season! But, we're damn close...

This is that funky weather time when it’s kathunkulous* to call it and the mornings start to get a lot colder and less pleasant to stand around and talk about cars, or your latest cleansing that kicked in at work. We don’t like rain or extremely cold mornings. We tried it and it sucked. Everyone sort of hops around trying to warm up and it looks like a rave with crappy music. This past Saturday was a perfect morning for E@RTC. It was cool but not cold, cloudy but not dark and we were so full we had to start parking cars in center lines. It was a fun time!

Still, as we get closer to the end of our season, we don’t want to forget all those who make this happen. Let’s start with Redmond Town Center and Jessica Morgan for putting up with us all year. There mere mention of our names gives her a nervous tick, but she has all winter to recover. Just the word, “Nick” and she crushes whatever is in her hand. Thank you Jessica!

We can’t end the season without thanking our amazing volunteers, the beloved Thugs who make it all happen and do a lot behind the scenes to keep it all together. What a great group of people. Yes, I know, I know… none of them are welcome at any typical petting zoo, but the flip sides is they all did an amazing job as they do every year! (Let’s just say when our volunteers go to a petting zoo, the animals wash their hands.) Halloween is coming up and it’s the one day they all get to sort of, “blend in.”

Still, in spite of these shortcomings, and a list I can’t mention here, they are wonderful people and some of the most generous people I know. They do it because they love to see everyone have a great time. That, and it knocks weeks off the parole card. I’m thrilled that they come out and do what they do so please thank them when you see them in one of our last Saturdays, if we get decent weather. Thanks to all of you! We are going to do something on their behalf.

We also have to thank those who bring out their stupendous cars to show every week. We can’t exist without your participation. We also have to thank those who tried to get a yard pass and couldn’t and we’re relegated back to the basement to paint something. We know you tried, you did your damnedest and have the sore jaw to prove it. We know we will see you someday!

We also want to thank all of our enthusiastic spectators who come out to see these machines! We love it that you love it! We all love the same thing! Cool cars, interesting people, lots of laughs, a couple of gripes about something, and just some great times.

We hope to see you all next week!

*I made that word up but it sounds about right.