Damn it! Rained out AGAIN!

Can you believe it? We’re rained out for the third week in a row! Don’t worry, we won’t forget your names or what you drive. We take a long winter off and still remember each other in spring, so it’s not like our memories are so bad we’re hiding our own Easter eggs.

We only have about three more Saturdays to go before we call it off for the season, so when we are back on, and I’m assuming one of these remaining Saturdays will be nice, we will have a massive turnout, and one almost at big as opening day. Everyone gets to say goodbye for the winter, shed a tear or two. (not really) This isn’t like Dorthy climbing into the balloon basket for the flight back to Kansas or anything. It’s just the last time we meet in a parking lot until spring. We crank up the music again on April 6…which will be our tenth anniversary party!

Still, once again when spring shows up, we’re all fatter, like it or not. We all say stuff like “Oh, it’s great to see you…” when we’re really thinking, you should lay off the Ben & Jerry’s. As usual, some will have new cars, new spouses, new relationships, new restraining orders from the last one and so on. It’s alway fun hearing about that rash you got rid of from that trip to Vietnam. Yup, we can’t wait for that.

It will be a nice Saturday to stay home and think about that new rake you’re going to need in a few weeks. See you next Saturday we hope!