Rained out again! Damn!

Yes, we’re rained out again. Not Carolinas-rained-out, but rained out. This leaves only about four or five possible Saturdays in our tenth season remaining. It also means a lot more people will show up next Saturday because we’ve been rained out two Saturdays in a row. Some of you can’t go that long without E@RTC and not get that nervous tick.

This Saturday was looking bad since last week and next Saturday is looking decent so far so we think if it holds up, it will bring out a lot of cars. You will want to be there for sure. Do the paperwork with your significant other right now so you’re free next weekend.

We’re already thinking about the opening day party for next season because it will be our ten year anniversary. It will probably be in the garage or something so it can be a rain or shine event. We’re still thinking about it.