We're Rained-out for Saturday! Time to Make a Casserole!

We'll, that time of year is on us when the weather begins to change... or so we think today. We're rained out for Saturday. For those of you new to E@RTC, we call it if the chance of rain is 30% or higher. It's higher. Nobody likes to stand in the rain, and regardless of what you read in the personals, nobody likes to walk in the rain either. Go try it and see who's there. Nobody! Those you see running have issues. Don't make eye contact.

They also predict scattered thunderstorms for Saturday. Getting struck by lightning isn't fun. It's a bit like getting tased except you smolder. It's not the lightning strike so much, it's everyone else laughing that's kind of hard to take, especially from the medics. Especially when it's the second time.

The good news is now you have time to make a casserole for someone. I remember that nasty tuna medley my gram-gram would make. I still remember it like it was yesterday or the day before. It wasn't yesterday. It was a long time ago and I still remember that God-awful smell as that bubbling blob of tuna and celery and potato chips came out of the oven. I was afraid to ever ask what was in it. Probably a lot of stuff on sale.

They serve casseroles at funerals because everyone is already upset and it's a chance to clean out the fridge. I see half the serving dishes empty and I'm reminded that people will eat just about anything. Someone could be gnawing on a chicken foot and I'm thinking, that's nothing, I survived a nasty tuna casserole once.

When was the last time you went into a nice restaurant and they said, "Tonight's casserole is..."? I remember that never happened. How hungry did you have to be to try someone's mystery casserole? Most people have to be fairly drunk or very desperate to borrow money from whoever made it.

We only have a possible ten remaining Saturdays until our season comes to an end. It's hard to believe how fast the season goes by before everyone goes off to hibernate for the winter, always to return fatter at E@RTC the next season. They always pretend like they look the same, but nope, all I see is how fat they look compared to the year before.

Last week's British Car Day was very fun and one of our bigger spectator car days of the season. People seemed to come from everywhere and we think it was a lot of vacationers from somewhere else, like Yelm. As usual, everyone was extremely nice. We always have that one or two who come in with some sense of entitlement, but overall, it was the usual great group and we love hosting them. I got to chat with a lot of regulars for once. It's always good to get the feedback.

As always, our volunteers are stupendous and we can't thank them enough. Many come from a long way away and do it every Saturday and without them, it would be impossible to hold the event. They give up a lot to make all this happen and we're thrilled to be working with such outstanding humans. They are the best! Please thank them next week when we're back to our normal routine. 

We will see you all on the 18th!