We are on for Saturday and Other Stuff

Well the auction sure was fun. We got to see the back of Greg's head a lot, which wasn't going to auction. His car, in case you were stuck deep underground all week in a mine with nothing to eat but a Twinkie, did well. A few people were bidding it up while you were standing there in that cave with your mouth open trying to catch that drip from the ceiling, wondering what the final price was that night. The car sold for $48,405,000! 

Think about that for a moment. If he had that many Twinkies and put them end to end, that would stretch 2,979.4 miles, which in a straight line, would stretch from about Redmond Town Center to the Bahamas somewhere. It would be the dumbest thing to do with Twinkies ever, and it would take a very long time. Nobody would be impressed either. Some would even be mad about the line of Twinkies going through their yard.

We only have about six E@RTC Saturdays left so come on out! Don't miss this chance to see all the cool cars! This is your opportunity to make friends for the winter. Besides, you need someone to meet up with at Starbucks to hear you complain about getting fat, or how much you look forward to this winter and your promise to take up the luge. 

Next Saturday, the 8th, in case you're from Fresno, is Classic Car Day! We have the Classic Car Club coming out, and we will see lots of interesting rolling sheet metal as we did last year. The folks from America's Car Museum and Club Auto are also coming up from Tacoma with some stuff so you don't want to miss that Saturday either.

Greg did get some other cool stuff over the last few weeks so he will be bringing out some cars none of you have seen before. Fair warning!

By the way, did you know that people who make up stats are 50% more likely to be wrong?

Trust me, nobody from Fresno got that one.

See you all Saturday!