How To Watch The Auction Tonight Without Harming Yourself!

For those of you interested in watching the highest value car to ever go up for auction, and are in danger of wetting yourself with excitement, it will be live here at 5:30. On the page, off on the right side, you will see a link to watch live. For those of you who have Apple TV, we suggest using it as a separate display on the Apple Play tab on your browser's navigation. This way you can have the catalog open on one page and the auction on your Apple TV. How cool is that? This way you can personally fowl yourself from excitement in the privacy of your own home. For those of you on Windows machines, open two windows, sift one to a second monitor, or your TV if it has that feature. Greg's 250 GTO is #247 so it will take a while to get there. I'm guessing 90 minutes in, but don't bet on that.

Last night most of the cars were going for below the estimated range. Let's hope Greg's car is the big surprise of the night by going far above the expected range. We're cheering you on Greg!