We're off this Saturday, August 25!

I'm saying it again, we're off this Saturday, August 25. A lot of car people head down to Monterey for car week. Some of us, have to go auction off our $50 million dollar car. Others stay home and clean up the garage and put little screws in jars or calk the tub. Whatever.  For a few of us, we're going to get out and play and do something other than E@RTC on this Saturday morning. We will all be back next week, some with harrowing stories to tell about Monterey or their mom.

We see that we're about to come into a weather pattern of guessing what it's going to do once again. We can't wait for all that mail. This will be fun. We sometimes think they use a dartboard somewhere in the calculation. I picture a guy with piles of data screaming, "F***-IT!" and throwing a dart so he can go have lunch.

The folks at America's Car Museum will be joining us for upcoming Classic Car Day and more on that as we get closer. They have their big annual Gala that same night. You get to dust off that nice suit and go hang with some interesting people.

We don't yet have a link to RM's life auction or we'd put it here, but look around on YouTube at around 5:00 PM tonight and the same should be tomorrow night. Greg's car goes on the block tomorrow sometime after 5:30. Bidding will only last about five minutes. We don't expect a lot of yelling.